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Did The Tribe Win Last Night? | October 29, 2020

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Aaron Fultz

Countdown to Indians’ Opening Day – 46: Catching Up With Aaron Fultz

February 18, 2016 |

As Did The Tribe Win Last Night helps fans count down the days until the Indians retake the field in an official Major League game, we look back at some of the greats who wore the Cleveland jersey with pride.

Countdown to Opening Day – 46 days

Although former relief pitcher Aaron Fultz played only one of his eight Major League seasons with the Indians, he and the team certainly made the most of his time there.

During what would turn out to be the final season of his career, Fultz – who wore #46 on his back during his tenure with the Tribe – worked as a key member out of the bullpen for the 2007 season. A veteran of seven seasons and four Major League teams, Fultz saw opportunity right from his first visit.

“I came up here for a visit,” Fultz said. “Playing against them, you always respect them, but when I came up here for my visit I really liked the area. I met the coaching staff and I thought it was the best fit.” Read More