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Did The Tribe Win Last Night? | December 9, 2021

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Tribe Time Now Podcast

Tribe Time Now 71: The Band is Back Together Again

August 6, 2017 |

Ryan (@RThompAK13) gets back to his roots with Stephanie Liscio (@stephaniliscio), and Joe Coblitz (@burningriverbb) to discuss, among other things, the outfield question for the Indians, exit velocity, the increase in home runs in baseball this season (so far), and much more. Read More

Tribe Time Now 72: The Curious Case of Bryan Shaw

August 4, 2017 |

In this episode of Tribe Time Now, Stephanie Liscio (@stephanieliscio) of It’s Pronounced Lajaway and Jake Altman (@shakeandjake7) of SportsHax join Ryan Thompson (@RThompak13) discuss the MLB Trade Deadline, the curious case of Bryan Shaw, and the tribalism that has emerged in being an Indians fan, especially online. Read More

Tribe Time Now 68: 2016 ALDS Preview

October 9, 2016 |

Joe Coblitz (@BurningRiverBB) is joined by Nino Colla (@SnarkyNino) of The Tribe Daily and Stephanie Liscio (@StephanieLiscio) of It’s Pronounced Lajaway for a look at the Indians upcoming series with Boston in the 2016 ALDS. There’s roster and match-up talk as well as an in-depth discussion on the many uses of Michael Martinez. Finally, they wrap up with a little bit on how to pitch to a pirate (meaning Edwin Encarnacion, not a Pittsburgh Pirate).

Topics for the discussion include: Read More

Tribe Time Now – Weekend Update 41: The Bullpen Is Mightier Than The Sword

September 30, 2016 |

Jake Dungan (@JakeDBaseball) of Indians Baseball Insider and Nino Colla (@SnarkyNino) of The Tribe Daily hit the airwaves for a discussion about the Tribe playoff roster and how their bullpen could still give them an edge in October. Plus, they talk about the awesomeness of Jose Ramirez and preview the AL Cy Young race.

Topics include: Read More

Tribe Time Now 67: Hey Hoynsie!

September 22, 2016 |

Joseph Coblitz (@BurningRiverBB), Stephanie Liscio (@StephanieLiscio), and a robotic replacement of Bob Toth (@theBobToth) using extremely faulty technology and a horrible internet connection get together for the end of the season roundtable, as the Tribe’s season has been officially ended on September 17th.

Topics covered in this occasionally tough-to-listen-to podcast (sorry…) include a potential starting rotation, should the Indians have made the postseason, as well as the bullpen. Read More

Tribe Time Now 66: Act Like a Winner

September 17, 2016 |

Joe Coblitz (@BurningRiverBB) of Burning River Baseball is joined by Chris Burnham (@cmb1979) of It’s Pronounced Lajaway to catch you up on the last two weeks of Tribe.

The Indians lost a four-game set with Chicago, but all is not lost. In fact, we’ve found Josh Tomlin. For your hot takes of the day, a short discussion on the Cavs championship season and a longer one on advanced stats and the Indians broadcast booth. If you hate advanced stats, this is meant for you. Also, if you like them. Tribe Time Now is all inclusive.

Topics for TTN 66 include: Read More

Tribe Time Now – Weekend Update 40: Carlos Being Carlos

September 5, 2016 |

Matt Bretz (@MattB_WOF) of Wahoo’s on First makes his first appearance on the Weekend Update, joining Joseph Coblitz (@BurningRiverBB) of Burning River Baseball for a full on discussion about Carlos Santana, the playoff race, ballparkitecture and Carlos Santana. Don’t forget to drink every time someone mentions Lonnie Chisenhall and you’re bound to have a good time.

Topics for the weekend update include: Read More

Tribe Time Now 65: My Coco

September 3, 2016 |

Joseph Coblitz (@BurningRiverBB) from Burning River Baseball and Stephanie Liscio (@StephanieLiscio) from It’s Pronounced Lajaway enjoy the return of Coco Crisp, wonder who else is coming up and think about the Tribe’s rotation, bullpen and outfield situation as September call-up season is upon us.

Topics for the weekly podcast include: Read More

Tribe Time Now 64: Guaranteed Rate Podcast

August 27, 2016 |

Joe Coblitz (@burningriverbb) and Did The Tribe Win Last Night’s own Bob Toth (@thebobtoth) remember Harambe (RIP) in a week that saw the Tribe take a couple of unscheduled days off. Instead of just talking Tribe, they focus on a couple of stadiums that have had recent changes or need some changes. Don’t worry, there is some actual on-the-field baseball talk…eventually.

Topics for this unconventional baseball podcast include: Read More

Tribe Time Now – Weekend Update 39: The Inside Job

August 23, 2016 |

Jeff Rich (@ByJeffRich) and Jake Dungan (@JakeDbaseball) reset the Toronto series and re-visit the starting pitching on the Weekend Update.

The Tribe walked the tightrope between winning and losing quite a bit in the process of taking two of three from both Chicago and Toronto. There was the incredible ninth inning on Friday night, capped with Tyler Naquin‘s walk-off home run. Jose Ramirez is still come through in the clutch and Cody Allen bounces back from his ninth inning meltdown.

Topics for this podcast include: Read More

Tribe Time Now 63: Let’s Meet on September 23rd

August 19, 2016 |

Joe Coblitz (@BurningRiverBB) of Burning River Baseball talks to Vince Guerreri (@VinceGuerreri) of our own Did The Tribe Win Last Night? and Jeff Rich (@ByJeffRich) of Forever Rebuilding on the latest for the top team in the American League. Included is a discussion on who is the top team in the AL as well as some words on the new guys and if any other guys should become new guys.

Topics for Tribe Time Now 63 include: Read More

Tribe Time Now 62: Bye-bye Lonnie

August 12, 2016 |

The Tribe Time Now round table is reconvened to discuss the Indians recent struggles. Is it really time for fans to worry, or are the Indians built to make the playoffs?

Jim Pete (@JimPeteEHC), Stephanie Liscio (@StephanieLiscio), Joe Coblitz (@BurningRiverBB) and Bob Toth (@TheBobToth) discuss the rotation struggles, the wonky bullpen even with Miller, how Michael Martinez never goes away, Tyler Naquin and JRam’s stellar seasons, and how Lonnie Chisenhall may find himself out of work in 2016.

Topics for the roundtable include: Read More