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Did The Tribe Win Last Night? | January 26, 2022

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Today in Tribe History: December 18, 1952

Today in Tribe History: December 18, 1952

| On 18, Dec 2019

The front office of the Cleveland Indians takes on a new look, as president Ellis W. Ryan resigns from his position. Myron H. Wilson, Jr., a 65-year-old insurance broker, buys Ryan’s shares of the club and takes over as the team’s new president.

Wilson’s election as the Chief Executive of the Indians directly followed the resignation of Ryan, who had been in conflict with half of the Cleveland board. A new 12-man board of directors was selected, but the six-to-six deadlock persisted, with six men in favor of changing the club presidency and six in favor of keeping Ryan in his post. With stockholders demanding the problem get resolved before the end of the session, the two warring groups met for four more hours at the stadium before the announcement that Wilson would be elected to replace the resigning Ryan and that the former Tribe president and his associates would sell their remaining stakes in the organization, a sum of approximately 1,300, by January 17th.

General manager Hank Greenberg, a close friend of Wilson, stays on with the club in the same capacity but with a stronger voice in determining player deals.

“I leave the ball club with personal regrets but I think we have done the best thing for baseball and that is what we are all after,” said exiting president Ryan following the meeting. “It has been a wonderful experience for me and I hope the fans will think that my administration has made some good contributions to the good of the game. My successor is one of the best. I hope he will have a pennant winner. I have the utmost confidence in Hank Greenberg as general manager and he has assured me he will continue.”

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