Indians Unveil New Look for 2019 Campaign

The Cleveland Indians have emphasized to fans to rock their red over the last several postseason runs. Now, the team will do the same.

The Indians unveiled a pair of new looks for their on-the-field uniforms on Monday morning in a press conference from the Progressive Field Team Shop led by Tribe senior vice president of public affairs Bob DiBiasio. While it has been common knowledge for quite some time that the loved-or-hated Chief Wahoo was to be retired at the end of the 2018 season, there were questions about what the team could do to change up its look. The team has once again drawn from its past to do so in bringing forth new gear for both home games and those on the road.

A new red home alternate jersey was the highlight of the display, marking the first time since the 1970s and just the second time in franchise history that the team will wear red uniform tops. The new shirt, like all four jerseys set for use in the 2019 season, will feature the official 2019 All-Star Game logo on the left sleeve. The bold red will feature the familiar “Indians” scripted across the chest in navy.

The red alternate jersey will join the traditional white jersey, still with the red script Indians moniker across its front, in regular rotation. The midnight navy jersey used occasionally for home contests in the past will not be used this coming season. Home caps will maintain the navy color and red bill from previous seasons, but will replace Chief Wahoo with the “block C” for all games.

Both home jerseys will be worn with white pants.

“We were looking to refresh our on-field look for this coming season as we celebrate the sixth All-Star Game to be played in our city,” said DiBiasio during the press conference from the Indians Team Shop. “And no, we will not be wearing red pants with the red jersey tops.”

For their 81 games away from home, the Indians have also made an adjustment to their alternate jersey. The grey jersey, complete with “Cleveland” in navy block font with red piping across the chest, will return. The old navy jersey will also remain in some form, but the script “Indians” across the chest has been replaced by “Cleveland” in the block font styling of the grey roadie, but with red letters bordered in white. The grey style and its midnight navy spinoff bear some resemblance not only to the jerseys worn by the club in the 1940s, but to the ones of the 1980s and early 1990s. Both road jerseys will be paired with an all navy cap with the returning “block C” and grey pants.

The 2019 All-Star Game logo will also appear on the side of all Cleveland hats worn this season.

The new look has undoubtedly generated plenty of comments in the court of public opinion. Regardless, if you or someone you know is in the market for an update to their Indians’ attire, these new jerseys and more can be purchased from and at the Indians Team Shop at Progressive Field.

Photos courtesy of Cleveland Indians’ Dan Mendlik

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