Tribe Time Now 46: Kluber, Carrasco and Salazar vs. Feller, Lemon and Bearden

Jim Pete (@jimpeteehc) of Everybody Hates Cleveland is joined by Stephanie Liscio (@stephanieliscio) of It’s Pronounced Lajaway, Joe Coblitz (@burningriverbb) of Burning River Baseball and Bob Toth (@TheBobToth) of Did The Tribe Win Last Night? to talk about Trevor Bauer‘s “demotion” to the bullpen, Cody Anderson‘s upside, the Indians’ roster construction, and how the Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar may be the best thing since Feller, Lemon and Bearden…seriously.

The crew also takes a look at some early prop bets, give their playoff predictions, and share their pre-season Tribe wins predictions. Somehow, they also found time to twist in a Gio Urshela vs. Jose Ramirez discussion, and discuss the value of an eighth reliever vs. another bat.

Topics for the day include:

  • Trevor Bauer in the bullpen
  • Cody Anderson upside
  • Cleveland Indians’ roster construction
  • Prop Bets
  • How good is the rotation?
  • Season predictions
  • The insanity of Ramirez vs. Urshela
  • 8th spot in the rotation vs. another bat


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