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With Indians baseball fast approaching, it’s time for fans to start getting excited and ready for their 2014 adventures to Progressive Field. Half the fun of a baseball game is experiencing the action amongst a group of excited fans, down at the stadium with the energy and atmosphere of the live game surrounding you. But what makes the experience even more enjoyable? The added bonuses that come with being at the game in person – the promotions.

As we discussed earlier this off-season, the Indians seemed to suffer from an attendance issues in 2013. For those fans who chose not to come to the field opting instead to watch games at home, at a bar, or simply not watch at all, they missed out on those significant extras that are included with each ticket during a giveaway night. For those complaining that ticket prices may be too high, the promise of an extra gift upon entrance adds another layer of value to the price. And, in 2014, the Indians are doing all they can to ensure that that value is not lost.

Promotions are things that can make or break a game for those in attendance who are not as dedicated to the actual sport happening on the field. They are also, many times, targets for diehard fans and memorabilia collectors, looking for the newest bobbleheads to add to their collections. And for those who can’t necessarily afford a jersey from the team shop, promotions are the perfect time to snatch up the coveted uniform worn by their favorite player.

But there are other promotions, too, aside from obtaining objects. A baseball game is nothing without food and entertainment. The Indians treat fans to exciting opportunities such as Dollar Dog Nights, fireworks nights, the ever-popular Rock N’ Blast, among others. The Indians also bring in opportunities for fans to get involved, with fan-centric promotions such as fan-designed shirts and gear giveaways.

This season, fans can expect the same sort of giveaways and gifts that have been distributed in years past. Announced on Saturday, January 25, at Tribe Fest, this season’s promotional schedule is headlined by memorabilia recognizing past and present Indians greats, both in bobblehead and jersey form.

The season begins will all fans in attendance receiving an opening day magnet schedule.

On May 31, the first 12,500 fans will receive a “Brohio” and Nick Swisher-themed bobblehead, feeding off the popularity of Section 117 and the Brohio governor elections (for which, by the way, voting ends on Friday, February 7 – so make sure you vote for your favorite!). The first 12,500 fans will also receive giveaways in the form of a Jason Kipnis bobblehead on July 8, as well as an Omar Vizquel replica jersey on June 21 and a Jim Thome replica statue on August 2. The Thome statue will also be part of the Indians’ celebration of 20 years at Progressive Field and the unveiling of the Thome statue on the same day.

The first 10,000 fans will be on the receiving end of giveaways on June 3 with a Michael Bourn bobblehead, May 3 with a bobblehead of former pitcher Orel Hershiser, August 23 with a Terry Francona replica jersey, July 12 with a Kenny Lofton replica jersey, and July 5 with a Larry Doby replica jersey.

The Vizquel replica jersey giveaway on June 21 is set in conjunction with the Indians’ Hall of Fame weekend, in which Vizquel is to become the 40th member of the Indians’ Hall of Fame.

Should fans not like the jersey and fashion designs of clothing giveaways, they will have the opportunity to design their own shirt to be given away during the promotion on September 6, which is the final promotional night of the season. Fans can submit their designs on

Furthermore, local designer GV Art + Design will unveil a new t-shirt design for fans that will be given away at the game on June 18, which will likely be a popular promotion. GV Art + Design are known for popular local favorite shirts, such as last season’s Goon Squad shirt and the design commemorating everyone’s favorite rally chicken from 2013.

Fans will again be able to bring their pets to the ballpark on June 17 for Puppypalooza, and can enjoy Rock N’ Blast on August 15 and 16.

Rally Alley will be back in action for 15 games throughout the season, including Opening Day, and there will also be 10 Sunday Kids Fun Days, which begin on May 4, as well as 13 Dollar Dog Nights starting May 2. Crafting at the Ballpark will occur on June 22.

Fireworks Nights will begin on May 17, which also includes a giveaway of an MLB Network bag. Other giveaways throughout the season aside from bobbleheads and replica jerseys include a 20th Anniversary Commemorative Poster on May 20, and aviator sunglasses on August 13.

Slider’s birthday will be on August 3 this season.

To say that all you get at a baseball game is a ticket to watch the action is, as the Indians demonstrate with their promotional schedule, a difficult statement to make. Whether fans are into the sport, its history, supporting local artists, fashion, food, or family adventures, the Indians make sure that everyone is covered throughout the season. Fans can come in with a ticket, and leave with memories and memorabilia that can last a lifetime. So it’s time to sit down with your calendar, the Indians promotional schedule, and a pen, and starting planning your season as an Indians’ fan.

For the Indians complete promotional schedule, visit

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