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Did The Tribe Win Last Night? | October 16, 2021

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Thoughts From The Bottom of Jobu’s Rum

Today is our second installment on Did The Tribe Win Last Night? with Jobu. He has agreed to give us his thoughts about the Indians, Cleveland sports and life on a bi-weekly basis, in a way that only he can.

By Jobu

We are getting closer to baseball everyday.  While this excite Jobu very much, talking it about it daily make it seem further and further away.  This week, Jobu would like to share some enthusiasm for up and coming Cavs team and also talk about some things that concern Jobu.

1. Jobu has enjoyed watching THIS Cavs team more than any other during the past 3 years.  Strange to say, Jobu know. However, during the latter years of the Lebron era watching regular season games proved boring and Jobu found himself only watching bits and pieces. No fighting for playoff spot or meaningful playoff seed, no “must win” games for the first 82. We now have a team Jobu enjoying night in and night out.  “Kyrie got 20” and “Tristan had 15 and 12” is proving to be more exciting than “LBJ had 40 and we won by 18”. Jobu, for one, would rather watch a team fight and scrap to get to the playoffs than a team breeze through regular season to playoffs only to show minimal effort one they get there. This team is going to earn their way to the playoffs and when they make it,  trust Jobu it will be more exciting than ever.

2. Jobu may be rum drinking, cigarette smoking, voodoo idol…but Jobu have some common courtesy. Jobu watched a woman cash in lottery tickets, buy cigarettes (and pack them into purse while seemingly reorganizing whole bag), and share pictures of her beloved Dachsund with the cashier at gas station during rush hour today.  No less than 6 people in line, we all looked at each other in amazement as the cashier just allowed it to happen.  Got Jobu thinking about the elderly couple with the surprised look on their face when Jobu offer them to cut in line, and the woman with her 5 year old that Jobu held door open for in the rain.  Are these things unexpected these days?  Are we that important we cant take a few seconds to consider the people around us?  Jobu is not writing this to boost Jobu’s “good Samaritan” status, but more out of disappointment in fellow human kind.  Jobu like to think he is over analyzing this, but fear Jobu is not.  Next time you sit next to an elderly couple at Tribe game, offer to buy their hot dog.  Jobu guarantee they will appreciate it more than it inconvenience you to carry the extra 12 ounces, you will feel good about it too.  If you are a person that tries to do some of these little things for strangers, Jobu commends you and be happy to buy you a beer and Bertman’s Mustard covered hot dog someday. After it digests maybe we can let an old guy cut to the front of the line for the bathroom.

Until next time Vodooligans. #batmagic

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