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Did The Tribe Win Last Night? | October 23, 2021

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Thoughts From The Bottom Of Jobu’s Rum

| On 28, Dec 2011

Today begins what we think will become a regular installment on Did The Tribe Win Last Night? Jobu has agreed to give us his thoughts about the Indians, Cleveland sports and life on a bi-weekly basis, in a way that only he can.

By Jobu

Baseball season getting close, but the offseason been tiresome for Jobu. Tracking down trade rumors and calculating salary space in hopes of landing big name 1st baseman.  This week Jobu would like to talk about anything other than baseball. Here are things 3 that have been on Jobu mind.

1. Texting is supposed to be for short conversations that dont need phone call. Do not start conversation that take 20 mins via text that would take 2-3 mins over the phone.  Jobu man of few words and small hands, forcing Jobu into drawn out chat on Droid only make Jobu frustrated with fits of carpal tunnel rage.

2. You are not a philosopher, you own a quote book or are familiar with the Google machine.  Please do not clutter Jobu timeline with redundant words of wisdom you recently discovered that have been around for ages.  More than likely you won’t do anything about these words you feel compelled to share in hopes of someone replying “so true” or “like”ing your status.  Be more creative in your cries for attention.

3. This one for Cleveland fans period.  We are collectively some of the greatest fans in all of sports. Granted, it hasnt been a whole lot of fun recently, but we need to stop the self deprecating humor and the “Woe is Cle” mentality. While it no fun to lose, it less fun to complain.  Dust yourself off, stick out your chin and cheer your guys on or move on.

Jobu appreciate your time, feel free to discuss Jobu venting on twitter @Jobu_Lives or with Jobu friend @didtribewin.

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