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Did The Tribe Win Last Night? | July 16, 2018

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Make It a Tribe Town Now, Worry About Progress Later

Make It a Tribe Town Now, Worry About Progress Later

| On 19, Sep 2013

Yesterday was another not-so-good day to be a Cleveland sports fan.

In terms of gut-wrenching, stomach punch type blows, Cleveland has certainly endured worse, but asserting your third string quarterback to starter and trading your top draft pick from 2012 just two games into the 2013 season has sent up the white flag for the Cleveland Browns before their season feels like it really started. It might not be the worst feeling a Browns fan has felt, but that feeling in your gut is a little more than just gas.

Since the Cleveland Browns were born in 1946, the city has been a Browns Town. Only in the 1990s when the Browns were missing from 1995-1998 was it ever really a Tribe Town.

But maybe, just for the next 11 days or month, Cleveland could be a Tribe Town, again.

The Tribe comes home with just 10 games remaining and a half game out of a playoff spot. Every game matters if they wish to extend their season into October. They likely need at least seven wins in their final 10 games. Their schedule now holds the importance and significance that an NFL schedule does. Every game matters. It’s appointment television.

Cleveland comes home for their final six games of the season beginning this evening. The Rally Alley is open this weekend, fireworks and dollar dogs are all on the menu. The weather appears to be nice this weekend. It won’t be too hot, or too cold. It’s not often Cleveland doesn’t have a wind chill or heat index. Saturday’s game even starts an hour earlier than normal at 6 p.m. so it wouldn’t be a late night for children.

For as awesome as the 1990s were at Jacobs Field, fans never experienced a tooth and nail pennant race. Normally the division was wrapped up a couple weeks in advance before the season’s end. The next eleven days have a chance to give fans something they haven’t really experienced, with the exception of 2005. Even then, the Indians came from nowhere to surprise everyone. This team has battled for an October spot all season.

You might not be a big baseball fan, but if you’re a Cleveland sports fan, consider directing your attention to the corner of Carnegie and Ontario for the next seven days. Do what’s reasonable for your pocket book and your personal finances but support your town and your city as best as you can this weekend. It’s a frustrated and disappointed town that hasn’t seen a playoff game of any kind since 2010. That can change in the next two weeks. Cleveland needs some positive sports vibes, no matter where it comes from.

This isn’t meant to be a column about dynamic pricing, comparing the Browns to the Indians, the overall attendance problem at Progressive Field or vending prices. We can analyze and argue over all of that later. Cleveland needs a winner. Cleveland needs something positive and there is something positive going on at Progressive Field. Embrace it and support it for just a couple weeks as best as you can.  There’s lots of time to analyze college players, discuss progress and wait for next year.

Let’s just embrace and experience the next 11 days for what it is, a chance to win.

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