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Did The Tribe Win Last Night? | July 22, 2018

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Following the Indians Away From Home

By Kevin Schneider

When I walk around downtown, I see people sporting plenty of people sporting Native American baseball paraphernalia. But the gear features the tomahawk or the script “A” that represents the Braves.

Since moving to near Atlanta, though, I still find ways to follow the Tribe I have followed since childhood. Hearing radio partners Tom Hamilton and Jim Rosenhaus through WTAM online helps me stay connected. It also reminds me of the days Hamilton teamed with the unpredictable Herb Score to call homeruns for Sandy Alomar Jr. before he served as one of Terry Francona’s assistant coach.

To have access to all audio broadcasts of all Major League Baseball games, you can pay $19.99 for the year by going to this link. You’ll automatically be enrolled each year, unless you cancel it. The subscription includes Spring Training games, and you can listen to the Indians or away feeds. I sample the other radio teams sometimes, as a way to learn the outside perception of the Indians. Some or more slanted than others; if you can stand the White Sox team for longer than five minutes, for instance, you’re a patient person.

If you’re interested in watching games and don’t have access to the Indians stations, you can subscribe to MLB TV online and watch streaming games on your computer or through a device like Roku. You’ll have a few options.

First, the basic MLB.TV subscription costs $109.99 for the year or $19.99 per month. So if you’re schedule doesn’t allow much TV watching in a few months, you might consider choosing the monthly option. If you’ll watch consistently all year, the yearly choice will save you money.

Second, the MLB.TV Premium package costs $129.99 per year or $24.99 per month. This more expensive option allows you to use mobile devices and choose the home and away broadcasts. Follow the link, which you also can follow to give either of these packages as a gift.

Both of the above options also have DVR capabilities, so you could replay all or part of the game later.
If you visit the Indians’ MLB page at you’ll sometimes find the audio and/or TV game available as the MLB “Free Game of the Day.” That serves as a nice occasional surprise.

Lastly, if you’re busy at work or can’t be distracted too much at home, visit the Indians home page, which on the main page will feature a live application that shows no real action but has animation with ball and strike counts, the updated box score, and a written narrative of the action. The same type of live updated animation can be found at, too.

Photo: Chuck Crow/Cleveland Plain Dealer



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