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Did The Tribe Win Last Night? | June 25, 2018

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Chris Perez Tells Cleveland The Truth, Like It Or Not

By Christian Petrila

Chris Perez has recently taken on the role of “The tough-love voice of reason.”

After bashing Indians fans a month ago for poor turnout at home as well as booing home players, the Cleveland closer is at it again. This time, he’s getting on Cleveland’s case about “blindly rooting for the Browns” and rooting against LeBron in the NBA Finals.

You may not like to hear this, Cleveland, but he’s right.

Cleveland remains a football town despite the fact that the Browns have been to the playoffs once since returning to the NFL in 1999. The last couple of seasons of Browns football have been particularly unwatchable.

“Their whole thing is, ‘We want a winner.’ Well, why do you support the Browns? They don’t win. They’ve never won. They left. You guys blindly support them. I don’t understand it. It’s a double standard, and I don’t know why,” Perez said in the New York Times story.

While the Browns are busy playing football at a level that is the NFL equivalent of a junior varsity flag football team, the Indians are busy competing for one of the five coveted MLB playoff spots. Yet the support the Indians get is a mere fraction of the Browns.

Next, there’s the issue of LeBron James. I’ll be the first to admit that I was heartbroken when he uttered his famous, self-absorbed words, “This fall, I’m gonna take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.” I’ll also be the first to admit that I also rooted for him to fail. However, at no point did I let my hatred toward one man even remotely diminish my passion for the Indians. LeBron has nothing to do with the Indians. Heck, we’re talking about the same guy who showed up to a playoff game in a Yankee hat.

“I don’t get the psyche,” Perez said. “Why cheer against a guy that’s not even in your city anymore? Just to see him fail? Does that make you feel good? I could see if the Cavs were in the championship, but that’s their mentality.”

This is true because as much as LeBron’s departure bothered me, I couldn’t help but crack a smile when he finally won. So he didn’t win inCleveland. It’s always nice to play the “what if” game, especially inCleveland, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Cavs have a good, young foundation on which to build. Don’t let the bad taste linger when there’s so much more to look forward to from your own team.

The excuses for not supporting the Indians need to stop, Cleveland. There is absolutely no validity behind any of the excuses. All you’re doing is enraging one of the brightest spots on the Indians. He leads the league in saves and is purely dominant, but what good is it if the fans are only driving him away? If he leaves Cleveland, only the unappeasable fans are to blame. I know it seems harsh, but it’s true.

Basically, the choice is yours, Cleveland. Either support your team and accept the harsh truth brought upon by one of the most dominant bullpen guys in the league, or continue to be ignorant and be prepared to watch him and potentially others ride off into the sunset like so many other Indians have.

Choose carefully.

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  1. Indians Fan

    We’re supporting our Cleveland teams, but that doesn’t mean we have to go to all the games. Give us a break. We’re not all millionaires like you Mr. Perez. Shut up, and pitch.

  2. Tim

    Chris, it’s not just Cleveland. The entire country dislikes LeBron — Cleveland just has a better reason, since they were the recipient of his middle finger. The Onion pretty much hammered this one home —,28638/

    As for the Browns, I agree entirely.

  3. Dawn

    I agree with you, Indians Fan. I can’t go to every game, I live 3 hours away! We try to go a few times a year though. The price difference seemed much higher this year compared to last year when I was pricing tickets. How do people go during the week anyway? That being said, I love Chris Perez and I hope he can quit lumping all the fans together.

  4. Nathaniel

    Players do not leave the Tribe because of crappy attitudes held by fans. They leave because the organization can’t afford them. Did you just recently begin watching the Indians? Times are tough around here fool. This is a working class region that is not exactly doing that well economically. The unemployment rates are super high and that means less expendable income. When we filled the Jake for 455 straight games we were in some of the best economic times since the 1950’s.

    Short sighted article about a short sighted player. Get a feel for the area kid. Also, all around the NFL stadiums are sold out each week because there are only 8 games a year and football is THE American sport. Baseball is way past its glory day, plays EIGHTY ONE games a year at home, and stadiums around the country are half to three quarters full.

  5. Somerville

    He is not right!! He has been a spoiled brat his entire career and if his thin skin can’t take being booed than too bad!! We don’t need Perez going around the country chastising us about the sorry team that we are watching! We have watched enough baseball to know that this team, as constructed, will not win anything! If he wants to be traded I wish he would use a method that doesn’t involve the fans!

  6. wwf

    “The excuses for not supporting the Indians need to stop, Cleveland. There is absolutely no validity behind any of the excuses.”

    This comment is absurd. There are a number of valid reasons that attendance is down, and has been down for several years. The main reason is the team’s payroll. Tribe attendance (and attendance across the league for that matter) is directly proportional to the amount the team spends on its players. Fans are not complete idiots — we understand that this is a very average team that is likely to miss the playoffs once again. And even if they manage to make a run this, next year, whenever, we all know that the Indians will be unable to keep any quality players that we do have once they’ve proven themselves.

    And please stop making comparisons to the Browns. It’s clearly much easier to sell tickets to 8 home games a year than to 81 regardless of the ability of either team to compete. Also, the NFL (with its salary cap) is designed to create more team parity, and players acquired through the draft tend to have a more immediate effect on the overall quality of the team than you see in baseball.

    • dumb article

      wwf, you’re absolutely right, and I suspect the writer of this article has a blind allegiance to the Indians, or isn’t one of the more intelligent people in Cleveland.

      Here’s the truth: The Indians do not care about winning. That is proven. Dolan has proven it. He expects fans to come support his team so he can make more money. If he believed in actually trying to win, he’d spend $ when the time was right. I understand not wanting to throw money away year after year, but back in 2005 – 2007 was the time for Dolan to try to do something for the team. He did nothing.

      When Boston won their championships, they had a core together for a while, and kept them together to LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES. The team in 2004 doesn’t win a world series without learning from the mistakes of 2003. That’s how teams truly win.

      Instead, Dolan buys into the pray and hope method. That’s not good enough. What that means, is even if they get the right talent, manager, etc…, the ultimate goal is to line his pockets, not win a championship. I will never support that.

      Say what you will about Lerner’s inability to run a franchise, at least if the Browns do finally get the talent and coach, they won’t be held back by an owner who doesn’t give a $@#$.

      THAT’S why Indians fans don’t come out and support the team.

  7. ClevelandPOWND

    7 comments and 15,508 Spam comments. Cleveland gets it, Christian. It’s you and Perez that don’t. But thanks for playing.

  8. SouthSideMike

    No offense to Chris Perez, but there’s a heck of a lot of reasons why ‘support’ for the Indians is low. They have a venerable tradition of letting fans down right when we get our hopes up. We are in a recession, on top of decades -long sluggish economy in NE Ohio. Who can afford to take a family to a ballgame when it costs 100 bucks for tickets, food, and souvenirs for 3 or 4 people? More on point, C-Town is Brownstown. This has been a football city since forever. On one hand, we are guilty for not sufficiently supporting the Indians because they are winning, but if we don’t support the Browns when they lose, we are nothing but ‘fair weather’ fans! There are a lot of true baseball fans in this area, but the grittiness and rough-and-tumble of football is more in tune with Clevelanders than baseball.

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