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Did The Tribe Win Last Night? | June 25, 2018

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Biggest Cleveland Indians Fan Essay Winner

This spring the DTTWLN staff and Longfellow Middle School in Lorain City Schools teamed up for an essay contest. Middle schoolers were challenged to write an essay explaining why they are the Biggest Cleveland Indians fans in their school. Our winner, Madison Cruzado, a seventh grader was selected by our staff as the winner. She will receive two tickets to the June 18 Indians game and see the Tribe take batting practice prior to the game. Below is her winning essay.

By Madison Cruzado

“It was a scoreless baseball game until the eleventh inning. With two outs, Fernandez hits a home run that gave the Indians a 1–0 eleventh inning lead. With two outs in the bottom half of the eleventh inning, Brady Anderson singled to right off Jose Mesa, who was the tying run. Roberto Alomar came up to bat and what he thought was a ball was actually called a strike which gave Cleveland the last out and the trip to the World Series!” Moments like these are distant memories to old fans, but the anticipation of new glory days is what keeps bringing them coming back to see the Indians.

This may be the year when the Cleveland Indians fulfill their potential.  It is possible that Carlos Santana will be leading the team with twenty-five homeruns along with my favorite Indian, Asdrubal Cabrera picking up where he left off last year swinging a mean bat! These two players stand out to me because we share similarities; well, sort of. Carlos Santana and I are both catchers and bat left-handed and I share my jersey number and birth date with Asdrubal Cabrera. I love to watch the Cleveland Indians play at Progressive Field and my favorite part of the experience is seeing the crazy fans get wound up going into the ninth inning with a lead and watching the drama unfold as our closer jogs out to the mound to close the game. The atmosphere becomes electric when John Adams who is better known as, “The Drummer,” starts the beating of the drum and the fans go crazy!

I can remember the first time that I went to an Indians game. My father took me when I was nine years old and I have been a huge Tribe fan ever since. The sound of the ball contacting the bat, the cheering of the fans, the mascot, Slider, the food and the players all make the experience of going to a Cleveland Indians game so amazing! One of the best parts about going to the game is the warm-up. I love watching the first baseman toss ground balls to the other infielders to get ready for the big game. The ball seems to dance right into their gloves; as if there’s no way that the fielders could possibly mishandle the routine. My dad refers to this as professional reps. I’m not sure what that is, but I just know that they make it look so easy.

A huge reason that I am a big fan of the Cleveland Indians is the learning experience. I play softball and I learn new techniques every time I watch a game. I pay close attention to how they swing the bat; they don’t have long slow swings, but fast and quick swings through the strike zone. I also pay attention to the infielders, especially the catcher. I watch how he keeps the ball in front of him when he is blocking and what he does in certain situations. Sometimes I joke with my dad about him imitating the big league managers when he yells at my umpires in softball; he doesn’t like that very much.

I don’t go to an Indians game just to watch it, but I go to enjoy the experience and pick up new elements to incorporate into my game, so that one day I can be a big time softball player! A winning record, a postseason appearance and the unthinkable return to the World Series is what motivates thousands of diehard fans in Indians Nation, but not me. Through the good times and bad times, I will always support my team because each new season brings about a new sense of excitement; new players, new drama and best of all new experiences at the ballpark and this is why I should be named the biggest Cleveland Indians fan at Longfellow Middle School!

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