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Did The Tribe Win Last Night? | July 17, 2018

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Jobu Provides Indians and Twitter With Wit and Wisdom

By Mike Brandyberry

He wasn’t even on Twitter until April 24, but he might have as big of a following as any Cleveland Indians fan. He’s coined his own hash tags and fan club, all while rooting for the Indians in quite a unique fashion.

He’s Pedro Cerrano’s spiritual advisor, Jobu.

Austin, Twitter handle @Jobu_Lives, is a lifelong Indians fan since his grandfather introduced the game to him when he was five years old. He claims to try to never miss a game completely, even if he has to catch a day game on the radio at work, Jobu is listening and rooting on the Tribe.

Earlier this year, when deciding to join the Twitter universe, selecting the handle of @Jobu_Lives seemed a logical choice. “I’ve always been a big fan of the movie and the feeling I got from watching it. I think so much of what we take from a season comes from our attitude towards it. I felt like i could keep a positive, light hearted, spin on Jobu and maybe find others that felt the same way about the Tribe and we could have a good time chatting during games,” Austin said.

Not just has Austin embraced being Jobu, but fans have flocked to him. He currently has over 2,100 followers and attributes it all to the fans. “Tribe fans are the best. Jobu is something that ONLY Cleveland has, and even if its a fictional character in a movie we take pride in it. People keep following, so I like to think I’ve done a good job keeping in line with the spirit of the movie and character that we all know and love.”

Jobu tweets during nearly every Indians game and often during the day, referring to himself in the third person and coining his own phrases. Early in the year, and his twitter career Jobu coined the hash tag, #batmagic, which has caught on around Indian twitter followers. He also helped coin the phrase, “We are all Kip-nesses.”

One afternoon Jobu started a trend about Lou Marson, giving him a legendary status like Chuck Norris and another day he started a trend replacing song lyrics with Jim Thome’s name.

Jobu is never short of a deep thought, even today he tweeted, “Jobu ran over a frog mowing the yard and will never be the same again.”

The spirit of Jobu must be very old because his favorite player is a bit of a surprise. “Cleveland Hall of Famer Nap Lajoie, Jobu no see him in 70 or 80 years but he on Twitter now @NapLajoie1910,” Jobu said.

Jobu’s notoriety has led him to interaction with Mark Shapiro and a few Indians. Jobu saw Shapiro one day, introduced himself as Jobu, and found out he had a fan in Shapiro. They took a picture and later that day Shapiro tweeted his picture and account of meeting Jobu.

During his free time Jobu admits he enjoys, “distilling sugarcane and conjuring #batmagic.”

While Shapiro and the Indians season looks to be coming to a close, Jobu will be watching every game until the end of the season and advises fans, “Tribe exceed all expert expectations this year, those expectations rise next year, Tribe exceed them again.”


  1. jon button

    One of my recent favorites is “Jobu put in claim last night and was just awarded Nilla Wafers.”

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