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Did The Tribe Win Last Night? | July 16, 2018

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What The Tribe Should NOT Do At The Deadline

By Matt Van Wormer

Sports Anchors, Talk Radio Hosts and (worst of all) Callers to Talk Radio Hosts think they have all the answers when it comes to what the Indians need to do to make a push for the postseason this year.  While some of the ideas are good (get a good veteran starter, get another good bat), there have been many that shouldn’t have even been mentioned.  My goal here is to point out the things that the Indians should not even consider doing before the trade deadline approaches.

#1.  Don’t touch the bullpen! – Unless some moron wants to take Chad Durbin off our hands, you can’t mess with the Bullpen Mafia.  There are going to be teams that want quality arms (See: Tony Sipp, Joe Smith) to sure up their own bullpen.  Don’t mess with the chemistry that these guys have created over the first 90+ games.  Hell, they found a way to stack every bullpen members hat on top of Tony Sipp’s head and then three, count ’em, THREE Gatorade cups on top of the hats!  The Bullpen Mafia reminds me of the Bubblegum Hats and the Rally Pies that fueled two previous playoff runs.

#2.  Don’t screw up the long-term with a short-term fix. – No addition to your team guarantees you a World Series ring or even a playoff appearance.  Now is not the time to trade for someone and end up giving away prized possessions that will be needed two, three and four years down the road.  You definitely don’t want to hurt your “up-the-middle” defensive prospects as that is where we are strongest now and could be hurting if Asdrubal decides he wants to follow Jeter as the next Yankee shortstop.  Again, this is some time down the road but something to seriously consider.

#3.  DON’T TOUCH THE BULLPEN!!! – Just thought I’d throw that in there again for emphasis.  Seriously, they’re freaking good.

#4.  Don’t worry about what other AL Central teams do. – There is one team the Indians need to worry about at the trade deadline and that is the Indians.  There are rumors about Carlos Beltran heading to Detroit.  That doesn’t mean we have to do something similar.  If anything, find a pitcher in the NL who Beltran struggles with and get him!  This is shaping up to be a two team race down the stretch so all you have to do is make sure you’re making moves that help you win.

If the Indians follow these tips, they should be able to keep themselves from making any stupid moves but hey, the Dolans still own the team and we’re dealing with a rookie GM whose boss is a rookie Team President who used to be a kind of decent GM.  Anything is possible.  I just hope they don’t do any of the things they shouldn’t.

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